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Mission Post!

Welcome to givealong, a crochet/knit/sew-along to benefit the people of The Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota.

To quote the Friends of Pine Ridge website:

"Pine Ridge Reservation, located in South Dakota, is home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe and is 2,000,000 acres large with an estimated population of close to 40,000. The reservation is large, and its needs immense, commensurate with grinding poverty. Unemployment is over 80%, the weather is extreme, and families struggle mightily with crushing financial, housing, health, educational and social issues."

The needs of these people are dire, so much so that they have virtually no size/color/type requirements for donations. Basically, if it can be worn or used to warm, they need it. Even a single pair of socks is appreciated.

Especially great are the needs for infants, women and the elderly.

What this community hopes to accomplish is to create individual items in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, gaining kudos and imaginary 'points' for each item/batch of items created and sent in. Basically, we make, share patterns and tips, cheerlead and show-off our creations before shipping them off.


1. Find a pattern/share a pattern/discuss pattern with group.

2. Make your item! Items needed are clothing (hats, gloves, socks, scarves, shawls) and blankets (afghans, baby blankets, lapghans). Toys are also needed for comforting the Child Services foster children. Make sure they are safe, all yarn, no buttons/zippers/choking hazards.

3. Post and show us a picture of your item, in-progress or complete. PLEASE LJ-CUT THE PHOTO.

4. Go to the Address post and send it in to the correct agency within the reservation.

THAT'S IT! For an extra challenge, you can try and do The Givealong Bingo Card that will gain you awesome imaginary 'points' for every bingo completed. The winner, by January 2012, will win a small prize, yet to be determined.

General posting guidelines -- What We Like To See:

* Pattern offerings, questions about patterns and grumbling about patterns as pertains to items created for the givealong.

* Pictures of in-progress and finished items. THESE MUST BE BEHIND AN LJ-CUT! (< lj-cut>, or < lj-cut text="Optional text here"> < /lj-cut> - get rid of spaces)

* Suggestions for colors/yarns/combinations. Showing off stash and asking what it would be best for is also welcome.

* General update on items. Try to keep these to once a week.

* Try to tag, once the tag list is up.


* Selling of anything -- yarn, patterns or finished work. This is a charity endeavor.

* Questioning the worth of the chosen charity. Yes, there are a lot of worthy causes in the world, heaven knows, but this one is what is being concentrated on at givealong

* Derogatory posts targeting First Peoples, reservations and/or the American government. Take it to a political community. We're here to get warm things to cold folks, that's it. I WILL DELETE AND BAN THE OP OF ANY SUCH POSTS.

* Off-topic posts. If it doesn't have to do with a project/making/sending, it doesn't belong here.

This post will change as warrented.
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