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How To Get Great Deals on Yarn Online & Shawl Pattern!

A few links of interest today:

How To Get Cheap Yarn Online. All these are a good resource, especially Smiley's. Yard sales are usually great places to find that ambitious bag of acrylics someone has given up on.

Easiest Shawl Ever Crochet/One Piece. Shawls are especially needs for the elders at Pine Ridge.

I've completed 3 baby hats and five pairs of booties so far. I'm going to concentrate on more hats and see if I can get some baby sweaters going. Pictures when I'm packing up the first shipment. Speaking of shipping:

How to Use USPS Flat Rate Envelopes to Save Money on Shipping. These are *great* for shipping yarn crafts as you can stuff them with a huge amount of items and pay one price. Yarn don't break when squashed!
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